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, it certainly doesn't make sense when a championship trashed the city. but that's what happens. victory in san francisco has been plagued by violence. the last time they won the super bowl in 1995, there were close to 200 arrests in the city after the game. and after the world series celebration, fires, vandalism, you name it. so what's going to happen this sunday? nbc is live in san francisco where one sports fan knows just how quickly a celebration can turn ugly. >> that's right, jessica. 49ers fans are excited about the big game. some are right here at city hall takes pictures of the building awash in red and gold. but there is concern about celebrations getting out of hand. no one wants a repeat of world series victory violence. >> reporter: 49ers fans are ready. >> it's going to be amazing. >> reporter: lifelong 49ers fan is hoping for a big win. but plans to avoid post-game street celebrations. >> when it gets later at night and people have been drinking, win or lose, it's going to be something to keep an eye on. >> reporter: timiney knows it can get ugly fast. smashing windows and ligh
in and it is a big production. a gun store goes in and we have no say in the matter. >> reporter: city leaders stay owners secured all permits and licenses and unlike massage parlors, they do not require a public hearing for firearm sales. >> there is no prohibition in the town code. >> reporter: but firearms laws may change in los gatos. the town manager is recommending changes including updating zoning laws to control where gun stores operate. requiring conditional use permits and requiring i.d. checks for ammunition sales. while town leaders debate the laws, andrea is hoping templar sports will leave. >> i would hope the gun store would move. >> reporter: supporters say the call to close the doors is unlawful. >> they've completed all the permits. they've gone through the paperwork that's required. i hate to see the sort of, i want to say bigotry pointed at them. >> reporter: three people tone store including a los gatos police officer. the managing partner assured the residents that he is operating within the law and promoting safety. >> we explained the laws to them. showed them how to properl
they were deeply affected by the mass shooting in newtown, connecticut. they will collect the guns at city hall in east palo alto from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. >>> dozens of people gathered in downtown palo alto to demand change. they held a vigil to show support for gun control. it was organized by the grass roots group organize for action. the message is protect kids, not guns. >> rallies are an opportunity for people to get together and for us to work together and push our politicians for change. >> love the turnover. people have their arms wrapped around this issue. >> this part of the national day of action to end gun violence. organizers are calling on congress to expand background checks. >>> it could be a game changer. a new weapon in the fight against breast cancer that was developed here in the bay area. oncologists are calling it a smart bomb. the drug is called kedsalia. 23 patients at kaiser hospitals will receive the drugs. oncologists say it delivers the benefit of chemo within the cancer cells so most patients can avoid side effects. >>> the fight to honor the bay area's his
were doing business every day all day at this county office? on most city streets, you park, you pay. unless you have one of these. and on fourth and fifth between broadway and washington in oakland, it seems like almost everyone does. i've noticed a lot of placards. there is never any street parking. >> a lot of people do on this street here. >> reporter: so we set up watch after getting a tip from a viewer who became suspicious when he noticed the plethora of placards here. the county health services, the coroner, the sheriff's office and right across from oakland pd. do you work over here? you do? >> reporter: we observed people with placards running from their cars, carrying boxes, even balancing on high heels. and while you can't always spot the disability just by looking at someone, we could see why this spot stood out. how often are your patients asking you for one of these placards? >> i get a request at least once a week. >> reporter: cardiologist walter savidge says he signs just one or two requests a year because he wants his patients to exercise, and because -- >> there i
, more money that is what santa clara's mayor says is coming to his city. he envisions a bright future following today's announcement of the expansion of a tech company, along with the 49ers' new stadium. nbc bay area's george kiriyama sat down. >> reporter: in recent years, the city of santa clara has had to dip into its reserves, just to function as a city. but those days may be over soon, because right now santa clara is in the middle of a construction boom. nvidia, the new 49ers stadium, the new apple expansion. santa clara is experiencing a building boom. >> santa clara is absolutely on fire. >> reporter: and city leaders love it. >> nvidia is the best example that we have right now. >> reporter: chip maker nvidia will be bulldozing the buildings to make way for a new futurie ic headquarters. thousands of more jobs. >> with every new project coming in like nvidia, it makes me more and more confident every day. i think the best of our days are to come. i think we're going to be able to not only restore but add services back. >> reporter: that's what city leaders would love to see.
>> a dempster is behind the store in national city. >> found a magazine full of bullets, a military style dog and a camoflage style helmet in the kempster. >> that's not something you find every day in a dumpster. >> officers quickly connected them to the 33-year-old. >> he is obviously very skilled. he is sick and deranged as we can see from the cold-blooded nature of the killings. >> he is accused of killing a security officer and his fee onsay last sunday. then, a river side police officer on thursday. he published an internet man fes tore declaring war on the people he believes are responsible for getting him fired from the force in 2008. >> we will find you. you have disgraced the public safety and the police profession. turn yourself in. >> that would be the best resolution. no 1 else has to be shot or injured or die. >> la police said they had more than fifty police officers and their families in custody. they checked in with police who have been alerted to what is happening but have no reason to suspect he has any ties to the bay area. >> if you remember, police opened fire
for the first time in years san jose mayor offered an optimistic view of the future in his state of the city address. we look at what is behind the numbers and a potential sales tax increase that may be looming on the horizon. >> reporter: mayor spent a good part of the speech talking about the police department. he would like to see more officers added to the force. there are fewer officers than in past year. and the investigative unit dug up numbers showing it sky rocketing. >> they are working hard. >> reporter: he knows the police are working longer hours. the investigative unit exclusively obtained financial data showing while overall payroll decreased by 10% the numbers show a whopping 35% increase spent on overtime. from more than $12 million in 2011 to more than $16 million last year. he said the number may increase next year. >> we need to make sure our public is protected. overtime is the way to do that. we know you can't do that much overtime all the time. >> reporter: fewer officers on the force equal more overtime. 74% has gone to the rank and file. >> that is why we are recruit
wasserman's firm $250,000 contract with the city of oakland to review the police dem and then make recommendations. he says he's still in the stage of gathering information but he did make some suggestions tonight. speaking to a packed community meeting at holy names university, police and consultant robert wasserman says he senses a desire in oakland for action and change when it comes to the city's growing crime problem. >> whether it's from rest dens of this area or folks that occupy it, it doesn't matter. there is energy. we have to get that energy focused. >> reporter: focusing that energy wasserman says means moving to a neighborhood policing model and rebuilding trust between the police officers and the community. it also means, he says, applying something called the broken windows theory. >> and there's a broken window and someone doesn't fission it you will get another broken window and the whole area will eventually deteriorate which e creates a breeding ground for crime. >> joe bratton has sparked controversy. with the homicide rate at a six-year high in 2012, and viol
for the city or forconsultants. >> we tried to get ahold of mr. tang this evening. we got ahold of city officials. but they hadn't seen the lawsuit. this is at least the third lawsuit against the city. and they're hoping the third time is a charm. live in san jose, terry mcsweeney. >>> now, to a developing story. north korea confirming it did conduct a third nuclear test. this is according to the news service. they detected a seismic activity at the same location where north korea conducted tests in 2006 and 2009. the seismic activity was only a kilometer underground, an indication consistent with a nuclear blast. the test was far larger than the previous two conducted by the north. we'll continue to follow this developing story. >>> it is early tuesday morning in rome. and the catholic church is waking up to a bold, new chapter. the vatican had to work quickly to publish a special edition of its newspaper today. there's more than 1 billion catholics around the world. here's that newspaper. and many of them were shocked by pope benedict's announcement that he will resign at the end of t
. >> jean quan delivered her state of the city address. the topic she hit included recruitment and more community involvement and gun control. she said universal background checks and limits on ammunition purchases are tools that cut down on violence in her city. >> if we had that tool, we could stop hundreds of guns that come flowing into our city every week and make sure that the people who are involved in the trafficking pay the consequences of those sales. >> crime has increased since she took office in 2011, but she is working hard on intervention and prevention programs. she said both the retail and commercial market is improving. she said there is new businesses opening up and 5,000 new jobs have been created in the city. plans have been moving forward for the eastern span of the bay bridge. unclear is who will pick up the multimillion tab. officials agreed to use $5.6 million to pay for public safety and access in the celebration. to offset the cost, they are considering charging a small fee to walk across the bridge. >> pope benedict xvi is marking final hours as the leader of
, chanting. singing. it's going to be great. >> san francisco city officials want people to remember to celebrate responsibly. they don't want a repeat of the celebrations that turned violent after the giants' world series win last year. >>> niner fans gathered at hp pavilion, not to watch football, to cheer on the sharks. the sharks went into tonight undefeated and it was a nail biter. kimberly terry is at the shark tank with a look at game and the niner connection. >> reporter: hello, inside the shark tank it was a standard teal mixed in with 49er red. win or lose fans say it's an exciting weekend for the bay area. going in the sharks were the only undefeated team in the nhl. despite their loss to the predators they are one point behind the top team in the league. >> it's outstanding to watch a team that you support and back all the way and they're doing an outstanding job. couldn't ask for more. >> reporter: the sharks aren't the only bay area team thriving. first the giants clinched their second world series title in three years. the niners made it into the super bowl. >> it's ju
for the city's pockets too. nbc bay area's george kiriyama joins us. is there a plan to try to keep it open? >> reporter: this is a plan. here in a few seconds. the san jose rep has been here for about 33 years. they've been able to cover costs by fundraising in addition to selling tickets. but now auditors are telling the rep you've got to do more if you want the stay open. >> i think it would be a huge loss. >> reporter: that's how san jose repertory theater mick nichols feelses if it were all to come to an end. >> it's important for a world class city like san jose to have a nationally renowned world class theater like san jose rep. and to lose that would be a shame. >> reporter: their recent financial audit shows while the san jose rep has made aggressive moves to reduce its costs, there is no assurance that that would be enough, saying, quote, based on these uncertainties, there exists substantial doubt about the theater's ability to continue as a going concern beyond august. >> however, in the eyes of the auditor, because that fundraising is not a certainty, there is doubt. >> reporte
's death as a homicide. her death is a shock to suisun city police as well. officers there spent thursday night looking for the girl after a guardian reported her missing. >> the officers that worked on it last night, you know, i saw them. they're saddened by it. it's a shock to our system. >> reporter: suisun city police say the girl took the bus to school in fairfield thursday, but never returned home from school. now fairfield police are looking into how she ended up naked and dead in a park. parents say their kids are stunned. >> when we're strict with them, they know why now, what could happen. >> reporter: police say they will release more information about the girl after proper 'nam notification is made. jean elle, nbc bay area news. >>> a warning tonight for americans in turkey after terrorists attack the u.s. embassy. a chaotic scene. police and ambulances in the capital city of ankara. a suicide bomber tonight identified as acevit sanly. he made to it the first x-ray machine and then detonated a bomb, killing himself and a turkish guard. he is linked to a previous terror attacks
between san jose and the city. they are talking about pay increases over 16% over the next three years. city leaders say they would support modest raises. >>> a sad night for the san mateo sheriff's department as they say goodbye to one of their own. deputy mirlts died last week on el camino real. he was off duty at the time and was headed to lunch when a car hit him. tonight hundreds of family, friends and fellow deputies paid their respects at a vigil at the catholic church in milbrae. >> it has been very, very tough. this is first offduty death we've had in a long time. it has been real hard. >> he had been with the police for almost eight years. the funeral is tomorrow morning. >>> new details on a triple homicide near santa rosa. police now say three men found dead inside a cabin in a wooded area were shot to death. tonight the hunt is on for their killer. the sheriff's department was called this afternoon to a property on ross station road near iron horse vineyard. the victims, all found dead inside one of the homes in that property. police of not released their identities or how
is the story of don atkins of union city. >> it gets tougher when you get old er, believe me. things happen to you. you know? if you didn't expect. >> reporter: that is the truth for 79-year-old don atkins of union city. he didn't expect his wife to die, his business to go under. his nutrition to be dependent on meals on wheels. >> without the extra vitamins and the health that those meals give you, and a good, balanced meal, you're able to fight the disease off. that's my understanding. and the doctor agrees with that. and i do, too. >> reporter: but if the federal spending cuts kick in, meals on wheels will be kicked in the gut. the organization that provides meals to home-bound, isolated elders could lose a chunk of its budget. it would mean the loss of $100,000 per year or 282 meals per day. there could be layoffs. >> really, what we have is professional staff, client care staff. and nutrition staff, who make sure the meals are wholesome and nutritious and safe. >> reporter: another money-saving option, is the unthinkable. turning away elders in need of a meal. >> it's a heart breaker.
one of the toughest days in the city's history. >> it is with deep, deep sadness that i stand before you this evening to talk about the death of my two officers. >> reporter: those two officers, 2-year veteran loran baker and elizabeth butler. >> i've known both of these officers for a long, long time. and there just aren't words to describe how i feel personally about this, and how my department is reacting. >> reporter: according to reports, they were investigating a sexual assault case this afternoon. at some point, they got into a fight with the suspect, jeremy gulet. shots were fired and both officers were hit. minutes later, police officers found goulet on another street and goulet was killed. her city is in deep mourning. >> it has rocked our community to our absolute foundation. >> reporter: chief vogel says his primary concern right now is making sure his officers get the support they need during this difficult time. >> this is the darkest day in the history of the santa cruz police department. >> reporter: and we're learning sergeant butch baker was very close to ret
that sent lapd officers to ashton kutcher's home in october. the lapd is asking the city attorney to produce felony charges and make s.w.a.t.eres pay hundreds of thousands of dollars. for lori, the nightmare hasn't ended. and the questions keep on coming. >> in the back of my mind, you wonder, is somebody targeting me? what's next? i have to try to keep that out of my mind. >> reporter: now, sergeant norris says no one is in custody for this morning's s.w.a.t.'ing incident. it's difficult to get the spoofed phone numbers. but investigators are following some leads. various california lawmakers have introduced bills that would make the s.w.a.t.ers face jail time and suspension. >>> they triumphed over four hellish days at sea. carnival cruise ship passengers have disembarking from "the triumph," and making their way to land. the ocean odyssey with no power, little food and less than desirable accommodations has come to an end. the cruise ship towed to port this evening. jay gray from mobile, alabama. they must have been happy to set foot on that dock. >> reporter: no question about that, jess
occupants holding it down by hand. tonight, though, we did a real ride along to ask how his city is responding to the rise in crime. >> i think i got to go. >> it's certainly you don't see too often. >> injury accident, church hill and el cammi ecamminee cammine . >> they say what we're doing and they also, you know, in the event that we have any significant incident in the neighborhood or we have some sort of disaster that they automatically think to go towards that. >> chief burns addressed the rise of some serious crimes in the city that include sexual assault and violent muggings. >> this year we've seen indecent exposures and we've made some arrests in that area. >> this year appears to be off to a better start. >> we're seeing some reduction. we're going to continue some of the strategies we doing to make sure we keep those numbers down. >> chief burns understands why people are frustrated. >> they have reason to be concerned but also they need to know that we are staying vigilant and conducting a very thorough investigation. and chief burns will be out on patrol until 2:00
more than one woman was sent to the hospital. joining us for a union city with the latest. and, what do police have right now. >> we just learned that two people are in kcustody. they were both or rested here at union landing. now, if they carjacked the mercedes benz in fremont or ended up here in union landing. six smashed cars. >> we're kind of stuck here. >> shattered glass on the ground. your cars involved. they ought to have, the union lenny shopping center and saw their smashed up green -- and this was no movie. >> this is out of my control. so i just, you know. been kind of calm. called my insurance right away and give them my area. >> fremont play may be a total of five parked cars including of an suv. >> i'm pretty shocked because i parked it out pretty far from the theater. no one is going to hit it. >> a woman was sitting in that white nissan. she to be airlifted in the hospital. >> the hijacking the mercedes, he's waused all this mess. enjoying my son at the movies. a little before 1:00 there afternoon. officers spotted the car, went after the two car thieves. the s
suisun city end up dead in a fairfield park? the body of genelle conaway-allen was found dead. tonight the dea and department of justice have joined the investigation. earlier today fairfield police said their case is moving forward, but they're not ready to share what was uncovered. >>> the man who might be responsible for one of the bay area's most notorious crimes is dead, but the sfpd is haunted by this case, and says the investigation is very much alive. tonight the family of the mission child, kevin collins, is reacting to a major development in this highly publicized cold case. let's bring in nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney with the details. terry? >> reporter: a lot of people have been following the disappearance of kevin collins for many years. tonight i spoke with steven collins, kevin's brother. he said he has seen many breakthroughs over the years, but this one looks like the real thing. this is the person of interest in the disappearance of kevin collins. this is man san francisco police knew mostly as wayne jackson. he had at least four aliases, and that's what threw polic
district, eliminating cruising. and street sweepers are already buzzing through the city. signaling the party is over. with vandalism the norm in the mission after big sporting events, people who live hearsay it's a winning game plan. >> i think they're doing a good job by doing it so that way people are safe that want to come out and enjoy that's going on. >> reporter: enjoy the agony of defeat. san francisco police say at one point tonight some officers did have some bottles thrown at them on mission street but no one was hurt and the situation did not escalate. sfpd has made 25 arrests. mostly for being drunk in public. >> jean, thanks very much. >>> nbc bay area's monte francis is joinings us now with tearful fans. hangover for many, maybe you, too. >> reporter: terry, that's true. most everyone has cleared out of here and gone home already. no question, this was a heartbreaking loss to make it to the super bowl and come up short. but we talked to a lot of 49ers fans tonight who are taking this loss in stride. it was a game with its ups and its downs. hundreds of niners fans at
okay. >> reporter: after the crash, the ferry, ms san francisco, continued to the city and then returned to sausalito where it was taken out of service. the golden gate ferry was also out of service. passengers were told their trip was cancelled due to an accident. >> if we were going to be stuck here for an hour, what a finer place to be stuck in, than san francisco. there is the bridge here, coffee right here. >> kind of an inconvenience, but we're just going to go in the ferry building and get some food, so we'll be okay. >> reporter: ferry passengers say they understand accidents happen and just hope the two injured boaters are okay. >> you know it is one of those things. >> i feel safe when i'm on the ferry, i don't worry about it. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the golden gate former you service, all crew members who were on board the ferry involved in the crash will be drug-tested. and are on paid administrative leave pending the outlook of a coast guard investigation. live, sausalito, kimberly terry, bay area news. >>> and new at 11:00, a man is recovering from
a wonderful location. >> three other new libraries have been mothballed. city leaders say there isn't enough money to operate them. >>> people braved the cold in costumes this morning. >> more than 1,000 people took place in the polar plunge in support of the special olympics. the funds raised will help provide one full season of sports instruction and competition for special olympics athletes. it looked like they had a good time despite the cold water. >> a chilly san francisco right now. rob mayeda is here. rob, not a good night for a dip in the water. >> i would say not. it's interesting our air temperatures are running cooler than the water temperatures around the inner bay, which happen to be in the low 50s. now down to 48 in san francisco. 30s around napa valley, but the winds in fairfield and liver more have been keeping our temperatures up. the hill top locations tonight will be staying in the 40s but for our wind sheltered valleys, be prepared for 30s tomorrow morning. dry weather continues. a system that brought us light rain early in the morning has moved off towards the rockies w
lights tonight. i had a view of that in the city the past couple of nights as well that looks very spectacular. the camera shaking around. we have winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. it's only giving us a slight windchill tonight. talk about major windchill to the northeast. i have never seen the radar with so much widespread heavy snow than what we're seeing right now. again, historic on many levels as this blizzard could be one for the record books here. maybe not even seen anything this bad since 1978. as we mentioned, for boston, about 3 feet of snow there back into new york 1 to 2 feet with with the winds topping 75 miles per hour. so do expect mayor delays no matter where you're traveling. if it involves a plane, you're likely going to face some sort of travel headache. the storm pushes out by saturday night with sunny weather by sunday. for us back here at home, it's all about this cold weather. also some icy conditions in the road waist. 29 in santa rosa tomorrow morning. 33 in san jose, and also 32 expected in livermore. so let's get you into tomorrow's highs. we are going to ge
. >>> and in the south bay, san jose police are investigating the city's fifth homicide in six weeks. a man believed to be in his teens was stabbed to death near san jose high this afternoon. it happened on north 21st street, not far from downtown. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. no suspects are in custody. police say the stabbing might be gang-related. >>> a new report on the massive fire at the chevron refinery in richmond shows it could have been prevented and may have been accelerated. the fire was caused by an old pipe that ruptured. chevron says it will inspect every pipe susceptible to the same type of corrosion. the report found chevron firefighters using tools may have accelerated the leak. >>> it's tough to eat dinner in the dark. but the power is back on at san francisco's ferry building tonight. pg&e says the outage put the landmark and about 30 other customers in the dark for about an hour. among the diners caught offguard, jed york who responded with good humor. deja vu from the super bowl. supposed to have dinner at the slanted door restaurant. but the lights went out. i'
race took runners through the city, including chinatown, north beach and downtown. it benefits more than 1200 kids and families from chinatown and surrounding area. the race ended with post-event awards and activities for the entire fam linchts coming up next, local group proving you're never too old to defense yourself. introduced you to the martial art and the people using it to make us bay area proud. >>> plus, an eye opening study. the vitamin that could reduce a child's risk of autism when taken at a certain time. >>> and the massive show in rome today for the out going pope. >>> dens of thousands of people crowded st. peter's square on this sunday for one of pope benedict's final public appearances. >> the pope will step down 11 days from now setting in motion the search for a new leader and maybe a new direction for the catholic church. nbc's anne thompson is at the vatican with more. >> reporter: for more than 50,000 people this was the only place to be. ♪ a global village of the faithful and curious in st. peter's square to say thank you and good-bye. >> i definitely want
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